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Winning at DFS Sites

Keeping an eye on your opponents

The level of awareness that your opponents have about the value of a particular player should determine whether or not you should choose that player for your team. Keeping an eye on opponents is a major DFS strategy. The value of a particular player will completely rescind if your opponents are knowledgeable meaning they have knowledge of each and every league player’s value. On the other hand, you will be in for a massive treat if your DFS opponents aren’t knowledgeable and do not visit the DFS forums often.


In large tournaments, a team built around players that a large percentage of the field has also chosen will almost never win. Building a team that is unique is just as important as building one that scores well. “Fading” is a term in the DFS world that refers to the knowing avoidance of certain, often high-value, popular players. In a large tournament, you want to fade the players that everyone else likes even if they are projected to score well.


The best kind of an opponent is a novice. You can determine if a particular DFS player is new by checking his/her results. If the results count is few then he/she is the prey you’re looking for.
Searching for weaker opponents is a popular strategy among the top DFS players. This allows them to accumulate even more points and climb further up the ladder. This also allows them to win some easy money when pit against each other. Some sites open specific games and tournaments to novices only.


These games are only open to players who are new to the site- as determined by how many games they have already played. Playing these games at first is a sure-fire way to avoid some of the sharks. The more you know about your opponent in daily fantasy sports, the better your chances of winning will be. It is quite similar in nature to online poker. Put in hours each day just to learn more about your opponents as this strategy or lack of it could be the difference between you winning and losing at DFS.


Zcode Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports Part2

Keeping an eye on the weather


You have a lot of allies in DFS and the weather report/channel is one of them. Often, bad weather causes the postponement of MLB games. It would serve you well to avoid outdoor games which are happening in a place that has prediction of storms, hurricanes etc. Neglecting the weather conditions is something most inexperienced daily fantasy sports players do quite a lot. As a result of this negligence, they end up suffering at Daily Fantasy Sites. Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye on weather conditions before entering into a contest.


Considering the winning money

Paying attention to the financial details is the most important thing for long-term daily fantasy sports success. Financial success in DFS sites is dependent upon two key factors i.e. avoiding rake and finding overlays. The amount of rake that a site will take from a Daily Fantasy contest prize pool is something that the sites themselves decide. Review all the DFS sites to find out the site offering the best rake and one charging the most. Keep an eye on each site’s Prize Pool overlays in addition to their rake.


Without taking the number of contestants into consideration, a DFS sites guarantees the payment of a certain amount to individuals that sign up. This guaranteed amount is known as Prize Pool overlay. There are some DFS sites that offer huge prize pools and awesome value for money. Additionally, they also offer unlimited contestant entries and guaranteed prize pools. You must keep your eyes open at all time and search the internet to find out about the DFS sites with massive overlays and large prize pools.


The point of this section is that you cannot be successful in daily fantasy sports unless and until you carry our proper research. You need to visit the DFS sites and forums related to daily fantasy sports to find out about the rakes, overlays, and prizes that different Daily Fantasy Sites are offering.


It is also important for you to research on injuries; transfers, opponents, and weather as all these factors play a pivotal role in determining your DFS fate. If you perform the proper research and play on the basis of that research, you’ll take a massive step towards DFS success.


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