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Tips for Winning Profits at DFS Players

The Zcode daily fantasy contests provide you the opportunity to change your team each day/week and win prizes without having to wait too long for it. This makes them a great alternative to traditional fantasy league that are a season long and you need to wait almost a year to win any money. Daily fantasy sports come with the promise of immediate rewards and every day contests. There are few things that daily fantasy sports player need to consider. One of these considerations is the buy-ins for DFS tournaments.


The buy-ins range between $1 to over $500.The buy-ins often determine the prize money of the tournament. Therefore, check the buy-in of a tournament before entering it to ensure that the tournament meets your need. The salary of a particular player will be based on how he performs during the part of the season he is chosen in addition to his performances throughout the season. Therefore, keeping an eye on all players throughout the season is important.


The points you accumulate determine your ranking and the players at the top claim prizes. You’ll need to find out how points are allotted in the sport you chose as every daily fantasy “sport” has its own scoring system. Most DFS sites have the same scoring system for a particular sport. So, review the sport and not a DFS site to find out about a particular sport’s points scoring system. You will be able to pick a winning team only if you have sound knowledge of the points system. Apart from the above-mentioned basic tips, there are some other daily fantasy tips that you can use to your advantage when DFS Players.


Zcode Tips for Winning Profits at Daily Fantasy Sports

Do not join the leagues early


You will access to the most information when you draft your team for a DFS players if you take your time and join the league late. By joining the league late, you’ll provide yourself with an opportunity to avoid picking injury-laden DFS players or DFS players that are unlikely to start. You will have more information at your disposal if you join the daily fantasy league late and in DFS players more information means more chances of success. Joining the league late is a sensible decision you can take so make sure you consider doing just that.


Picking Players that are undervalued


You can manage a steal on daily fantasy sports when drafting your team if you know what to look for. The reason for this is that most daily fantasy sports do not update salaries of player as frequently as they should do. You need to choose players that have a ‘low’ salary but have the ability to perform at the highest level and are being given a chance by their teams to prove themselves.


Players on hot streaks, back up goalies and players likely to take the place of injured players are some of these undervalued players.

Keeping an eye on late-breaking news


A factor that contributes significantly towards meaningful changes in player value is late-breaking news. An example of this contributing factor would be a backup running back with a low salary that gets a starting spot as a result of injury to the regular starter. The simple reason for this is that daily fantasy sports sites set salaries for each contest before any ‘late’ breaking news comes out.


In order to keep themselves abreast of all the happenings i.e. weather, game plan and injuries, the best daily fantasy sports players make use of fantasy sports websites, sports forums, twitter and other sources of information.


Creating player scores models


Player scores models are what the most successful daily fantasy sports players make use of. The DFS players use this model to compare players with their appointed ‘salaries’ to identify players that offer the best value.


Analyzing matchups


In order to identify expected deviations from the norm, analyzing matchups is required. DFS players can significantly boost expected production by determining whether a player will guard a particularly poor defender or if a game will be a high scoring one.


Sometimes secondary impacts can have just as much influence, such as a middle-tier NFL wide receiver that suddenly gets a lot of targets because the team’s star wide receiver is facing a shutdown corner. Join now to ZCode System.



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