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Tips for Winning Profits at Daily Fantasy Sports

Keeping an eye on betting lines


The sports betting lines is a good place to start when trying to predict daily fantasy players’ performance or an individual game play out. You can pick a winning Daily fantasy team by making use of thisinformation and applying it for drafting your team. The reason this information is valuable is because odds makers generally know what they are talking about. Check the over/under for games to see which ones are expected to be high scoring and plug some of those players into your lineup.


In order to help you see teams expected to score the most point in the week, most bookies will offer team over and unders. A good place to start may be looking at that team’s starting quarterback.


Knowing a specific DFS site’s scoring system


The scoring systems on all daily fantasy sports sites are somewhat different to one another even though they look quite similar. If you see to make the best use of your fantasy football knowledge
to pick a winning team then it’s crucial for you to know the scoring system for the specific DFS site you’re playing at. An example of difference in scoring system would be a reception which is worth 1 point at DraftDay and Draftkings while Draftstreet and FanDuel both give 0.5 point for it.


Similarly, a passing touchdown is worth 6 points at DraftDay while Draftstreet and FanDuel value it at 4 points.Furthermore, Draftkings offers bonuses to players who achieve performance milestones. The site gives a 3-point bonus to any player who passes for more than 300 yards, rushes, or receives for more than 100 yards.


Predicting these bonuses is difficult, but should still be a factor when choosing your players. It is important for you to know a specific site’s scoring system and also the differences in scoring between the top daily fantasy sites if you desire to win big at daily fantasy sports.


Zcode Tips for Winning Profits at Daily Fantasy Sports Part2

Play Head-to-Heads and 50/50s Leagues with low buy-ins


The availability of multiple league types at several buy-in levels is one aspect of daily fantasy sports that makes it an attractive proposition. You can enter DFS contests by paying as high as a
thousand dollars and as low as $ 0.25. Daily fantasy players can play in leagues where thousands of people are vying for the big prize as well as in contests where they just need to beat a single opponent or finish in the top 50% to win some money.


Daily Fantasy sports are quite similar to poker when it comes to the quality of a contest as the prize money of a particular contest determines the quality of its players. This is the reason sticking with the lower buy-in contest is advisable when starting out with DFS.


The players at these levels are much worse than those athigher limits and the more leagues you enter, the more chances you have to win against a different set of opponents. Buying into a $50 DFS contest makes little sense when you can buy five $ 10 leagues or twenty $ 5 leagues by spending the same amount of money. You will avoid stiffer competition and reduce your risk by spreading your bankroll across multiple lower buy-in leagues. The Head-to-Heads and 50/50s leagues are the lifeblood of daily fantasy experienced players even though their prize pools are not as massive as some of the larger tournaments.


You can rake in profits without actually winning a major tournament by participating in the Head-to-Heads and 50/50s leagues. For these leagues, players should be focusing on maximizing their floor of points while forgoing some upside. They might not look as flashy as some of the bigger tournaments but you will win half the battle when it comes to becoming a winner at DFS by profiting in these contests.


Varying lineups for the different contests


Varying your lineup throughout your leagues is a sensible thing to do when entering multiple contests in the same week. By doing so, you will be able to utilize the players you’re most confident with while reducing the amount of variance you will have during the week. You can reduce your chances of going over-budget by tweaking your lineup for the different contests you enter during the week. Variance plays a major role in daily fantasy sports success.


The best kind of daily fantasy players are ones that wins over the long run even though some players may have a ridiculously good week in which they win every contest that they enter. However, such players also have higher chances of losing every contest that they enter. Therefore, it in the best interest of daily fantasy sports players to vary their team during a week as it will help them to avoid losing everything in that week.


At ZCode we have developed a strategy to achieve this sort of consistent success which we will discuss in the next Articles.

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