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Betting Team Totals? Making Over/Under Wagers? The Z Code Totals Predictor and its accompanying video tutorial allow for easy totals prediction and trend analysis. Based on ZCode Expert Jonathan Ma’s highly profitable system concepts, the ZCode Predictor is a unique tool with a high success rate!

Much like the oscillator, the totals predictor provides an easily interpreted chart that compares a team’s performance to the over/under line set by Las Vegas. Team performance oscillates along the graph, allowing the ZCode Totals Predictor to forecast scoring potential.



Video tutorial:


Winning with the Z Code Totals Predictor:

  • Progression systems are extremely successful because the ZCode Totals Predictor, when interpreted correctly, rarely fails four times in a row.
  • Ignore all games with unclear signals. Discretion is a crucial element to a successful betting system.
  • Be sure of starting lineups; Backup players can drastically influence forecasting success.
  • Remember that teams tend to perform worse on the road.
  • The opinions of Z Code experts are a key parameter to Totals rediction Systems. If all parameters do not align with confidence, it is best to avoid betting on a game.


Zcode Oscillator




Betting Moneylines? The ZCode Oscillator is a helpful tool that shows the current strength of two opponents through a simple line chart. These charts allow for an easy comparison that predicts performance trends. The Zcode oscillator works in conjunction with other Z Code parameters with a high success rate. Team status, current record, recent performance, and the difference (Delta) between the current conditions of two teams all factor into oscillation data.





The ZCode Oscillator is a successful tool for sports investing that serves a similar purpose to a stock market graph. The oscillator is a visual display of a team’s performance, which helps explain and predict performance trends. The ZCode Oscillator helps make accurate predictions when used properly.

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