Winning With Total MLB System Part2

Team OVER / UNDER Bias   The way a team behaves in terms of OVER and UNDER percentage over the course of a season is a crucial parameter to our system.   In 2011, game totals involving the New York Mets went OVER nearly 60% of the time. The Mets …

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Winning With Total MLB System Part1

Winning With Total MLB System

The MLB System and odds for game totals in baseball are typically more reasonable than betting on favorites and moneylines alone. As a result, a successful long-term system has an even better chance of being profitable when betting on game totals. Betting baseball totals is popular, but it is not …

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The Oscillator Part2

The ZCode Oscilator Part2

Let’s take a closer look at how the Z Code Oscillator works:   When a team is winning, we can trace a straight line over all recent resistance points to the most recent peak to determine if they have broken resistance levels with their winning streak. If the projected end …

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The Oscillator Part1

Most people are familiar with stock market line graphs that track the progress of a particular stock’s value, much like the image below:   The ZCode Oscillator is a successful tool for sports investing that serves a similar purpose to a stock market graph. The oscillator is a visual display …

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The Importance Of Money Management System Part2

The Importance Of Money Management Part2

We will be using the money management file to build a money management plan?   1. Open file and go to selections section. Fill your initial bank-roll. Be conservative and smart about your bankroll decision!   2. Set your starting date. When do you expect to start to apply your Money Management …

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The Importance Of Money Management System Part1

The Importance Of Money Management Part1

Sports investing is a long-term approach to profitable sports betting. The most common mistakes of amateur bettors stem from losses related to a short-term approach. While it is certainly possible for luck to prevail for a limited time, the best long-term approach is a conservative one that emphasizes the value …

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The Importance of Exhaustion in Baseball Predictions

The Importance of Bullpen Exhaustion in Baseball Predictions   There is little doubt as to the importance of starting pitching when analyzing and baseball predictions. Nothing influences the outcome of a game and the value in a betting line as directly as the performance and reputation of a starting pitcher. …

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The Cyclical Nature Of Sports Investing Betting

The Cyclical Nature Of Sports Investing Betting   Murphy’s Law:   Murphy’s Law states that anything that could go wrong, will go wrong. It applies to sports investing betting because of the cyclical nature of sports. After months of success, losses follow once a system goes public. You’re following a …

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Secrets Of Handicapping The NFL Betting

Secrets Of Handicapping The NFL

How to find an Edge?   Most of us are probably aware of the movie Two for the Money, a failed journey into professional handicapping by an emotionally fragile Matthew McConaughey.  His character gets cocky, allowing overconfidence and emotion to rule his plays before falling apart down the stretch before …

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Marks System Filtration

The System Filtration   I was once a gambler and not a sports investor. I was the rare exception to the rule, in that I was frequently successful despite lacking proper money management principles and a consistent system. As a professional handicapper I never chased losses, which may have been …

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