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Other Tips for Winning profits

Other Tips For Win:

Double-down on players from the teams you expect to excel. By this I mean start Carson Palmer AND Larry Fitzgerald or John Brown on a week where the Cardinals are expected to score highly. Other experts call this “stacking” and its a great way to double your value on a team that has a good game. The theory is that if you correctly selected a QB that will have a good game, his go-to WR should likewise benefit from his solid outing and vice versa.


Another way to look at it is that if you’re banking on a team to score a lot of points, take the two players most likely to contribute and try and capitalize on the team’s production. However, this strategy can backfire if you choose incorrectly- instead of one dud you may end up stuck with 2.


Therefore, to minimize risk don’t choose too many players from the same team. Furthermore, after a certain point you start to minimize your team’s potential when you have too many players from the same team. You never want to be in a position where players on your team are competing with each other for points. Then you’re playing against yourself. For this reason I never recommend taking two WRs from the same team and you should only use a RB and WR from the same team sparingly.


Using the Vegas lines to narrow your picks is an extremely helpful tool, and, here at ZCode fantasy predictor, users already have access to a trusted system that analyzes those lines for you. Using the ZCode tools will give you more accurate predictions when you use Vegas to predict player performance. Use the ZCode fantasy predictor in conjunction with your own research. Here at ZCode, we not only offer the most accurate analysis and predictions for Vegas lines, we also have a great tool for DFS lineups.


The proprietary software is patented and is a huge success. Our program will generate the ideal lineup for any DFS site based on multiple layers of statistical analysis. Find the players you like first then run the predictor and see if you both agree on any guys. Also, when selecting your highpriced studs, using the predictor can be the best tool. Most of the high-dollar players are expected to have a strong week, but ZCode fantasy predictor tools is consistently right in predicting which ones will have the best week.


Zcode Big Tournament Strategy


Large tournaments can be like playing the lottery. A better analogy for sports-betters is that playing a big tournament is like making a 9-team parlay full of underdogs except with worse odds. In order to win big, you have to craft a team that not only scores a TON of points but is also substantially different from the rest of the field’s teams. This means you have to rely on unknown and undervalued players.


It’s basically a crapshoot and, for that reason, it’s the type of game you should avoid. Furthermore, these tournaments are full of sharks who have software designed to create winning lineups and post thousands of entries to the same game. You will be at a huge disadvantage the moment you enter into a large tournament.However, the thrill of potentially turning $20 into a million is too much for some players to pass up. Therefore, should you insist on playing these games, here are some tips to help.

Zcode Never spend your whole budget


If you have spent your entire salary cap on a team, the odds of that team being different enough from the other 20,000 teams you’re competing against that it will win are slim. Teams that win tournaments are full of players no one has heard of. Granted, you sometimes won’t be able to avoid putting one or two big-names in your lineup. It should not, however, be full of them.


Zcode Focus on the match-ups.


This is where predicting huge games from second and third string wide receivers becomes important. Use the advice in our small ball strategy to do this and remember that you need a guy who has the potential to score 30. Deep threat boom-or-bust wide receivers are perfect for this. In basketball, look for streaky 3 point shooters and players capable of double-doubles and triple-doubles.


Zcode Do the research on your defense.


In NFL tournaments, a defense that scores 20 can be the difference in placing in a big tournament. Look at the stats and try to find a defense with a high likelihood of scoring a touchdown. This is where the real points for a defense comes. It’s almost impossible to predict, but factors to look at are: rookie or backup quarterbacks, rainy or snowy weather, studpunt/kickoff returners, fumble prone-quarterbacks.


Because you need to be able to predict multiple under-theradar players to have huge outings in order to win, your chances are slim. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t become a millionaire after your first tournament. It’s much harder than the commercials make it seem. However, when you succeed, you win BIG. Good luck.


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