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Maximizing your Bonuses

How to maximize your bonus?


On initial sign up, every DFS site will offer a deposit bonus. Additionally, reload bonuses may be offered at certain times of the year. Taking advantage of these promotions is absolutely critical. You need to think of them as free money you’re getting. The rake is a major enemy major of every DFS player in addition to the players or managers he/she is up against. DFS players lose $10 for every $100 they spend for playing as most contests are raked at about 10%.


The amount of rake may easily exceed a thousand dollars if you play daily fantasy sports a lot. Tens of thousands a year in rake are what experienced daily fantasy players have spent up to date.
This is why taking advantage of reload bonuses and deposit is ever so important. The significant amount of money daily fantasy players lose to rake fess is what these bonuses will help to offset.


Deposit the amount required to get the maximum bonus if possible. An example of this would be depositing $500 if a DFS site is offering a 100% deposit bonus up to $ 500.


Small Ball Cash Game Strategy


This strategy is perfect for any beginner to the daily fantasy sports world. In explaining it, I will be discussing football in my examples but the strategy will work with any sport. This is a system designed for long-term sustainable profitability that minimizes risk and favors consistent but small wins over spontaneous large ones. Granted- “small” is always relative to your bankroll- those with larger bankrolls could still be pulling in hundreds to thousands of dollars a week with this system.


Zcode Maximizing your Bonuses


Fantasy football is a game of calculated risks. There are always players everyone rightfully expects to excel on any given week, yet there are also always players who outperform their value and those who underperform. When studs have a bad week and nobodies blow up, this creates variance. The key is to do your best to eliminate that variance and build lineups with a high floor (minimum amount of points scored) and high ceilings (maximum amount of points scored).


First, avoid the larger tournaments.


While the promise of million dollar payouts is alluring, there is little more value in playing one of these than blowing $20 on a scratch-off ticket at your local gas station. Focus on the cash games. The games you should be playing are the head-to-head match-ups and 50/50 tournaments. These games offer you a chance to double your investment merely by placing in the top 50% of the field.


Larger 50/50 tournaments will eliminate some of the variance that may be experienced in a head to head matchup- i.e. one fluke player on your opponent’s team scores and that destroys your matchup despite the fact that you built a solid lineup. Similarly, the variance of a heads-to-head matchup can weigh in your favor if your opponent makes a terrible lineup and yours is only marginal. Learning how to choose a weak opponent, as discussed earlier, is crucial to playing heads up match-ups.


However, once you learn to craft solid lineups, you’ll be wanting to avoid variance at all costs and should be winning 50/50 tournaments most of the time. Look at the idea of these cash games as flipping a coin.


You only need to be better than half your opponents. However, with the information in this book, coupled with the ZCode Fantasy Predictor at your disposal, you will be flipping a coin weighted in your favor.


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